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Beach Kasjuni

There is no doubt about the fact that Kasjuni is the most beautiful beach in Split. So called "Marjan paradise", this beach is the most famous in Split, alongiside Bacvice.

Kasjuni attractions

Kasjuni features exceptional nautral beauty which includes clean sea of light greenish color, and view of Marjan forest.
It is big pebble beach favourite among locals and visitors.
Just as other beaches in Split, it features rental of sun loungers, beach bar and rescue service.
There is separated small part of the beach dedicated to pets.

Beautiful and clean greenish sea on Kasjuni Beautiful and clean greenish sea on Kasjuni

Amazing sunset on Kasjuni Amazing sunset on Kasjuni

Kasjuni sunset2 Kasjuni sunset2


The beach is located at south foot of Marjan hill. It can be reached by local bus number 12, or by car.
There is a free parking space near the beach, but it may be full during the most crowded hours.

Accommodation on Marjan

Marjan features beautiful forest park, beaches, museums and galleries. That's why it may be great place to look for accommodation.
Check out places to stay around Marjan on the map below. The map displays accommodation options offered by famous booking sites like booking.com and aribnb.com. The price is same or less than listed on these sites.

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