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Split is a city of beautiful beaches. Characterized by preserved nature and clean sea, Split beaches are one of its main tourist attractions.
Many facilities are included in its tourist offer. Those include: beach bars, nightclubs, picnic grounds, loungers, umbrellas etc.
Split beaches are also places for socializing, evening outings, walks, romantic love and joy.
The most famous beaches in Split are:

Beach Kasjuni beauty Beach Kasjuni beauty

Bacvice - the most famous beach

Bacvice is the most famous beach of Split. It is less than a half of kilometer away from the main bus station in Split.
It covers an area of several hundred meters in length. It is mostly sandy beach but there is also a concrete area.
The sand is very soft, making the beach ideal for picigin. It is also a great place for swimming and activity of jumping into the sea. Swimming area is fenced for security reasons.
There are many nightclubs and beach bars and around, where you can refresh yourself with an ice cream or your favourite cocktail.
The famous clubs are Tropic and club Bačvice. They work every night during June, July and August.
Most of the clubs open at 11 pm and work till 5 am. The entrance is usually free and the prices are reasonable. If you want to take a small beer, you will pay 20 kuna (around 2.5 euros).
You can rent a jet ski, kayak or paddle boat near the beach.

Bacvice beach full of people Bacvice beach full of people

Everyone has a great time on Bacvice Everyone has a great time on Bacvice

Bacvice sea and concrete part of the beach Bacvice sea and concrete part of the beach

Beach Bacvice

Znjan - an ideal beach for families

Znjan is the biggest beach in Split. It is an ideal vacation spot for all generations because of a large pebble beach which is a few miles long. Another reason of popularity of Znjan is a very large free parking space, which is a great advantage of this beach compared to other beaches in Split.
Young generations like Znjan because of many beach bars. Some of them work as nightclubs.

znjan znjan

Bene - beach surrounded by natural beauty

Bene is a beach located in the forest park Marjan. It is characterized by natural beauty. The beach is located in the woods, which means that there is plenty of shade. You can be there even during the hottest hours. That's big advantage of Bene.

But unlike Žnjan or Bačvice, Bene is little more difficult to access. It can't be reached directly by car. You need to leave car two kilometers far away, at the entrance of park forest Marjan, and then continue by foot through the Marian Park Forest, which is not a bad idea at all because Marjan is really beautiful.
Another option to reach Bene is by local bus number 12, which circulates around Marjan all the time. It's starting point is Split Riva, near the church of St. Francis.

Next to the beach there is a restaurant called Benedict. At the restaurant you can dine or take a pizza at affordable prices. At higher prices you can take some of the Mediterranean specialties that include fish from the Adriatic sea and seafood.

Right next to the restaurant there are football and tennis courts, trim tracks and bicycle trail.
There is also a field for water polo and a gym. Having all these facilities makes Bene an ideal place of refreshment for athletes and recreationalists.

The beach also includes facilities for children such as track for toy cars and an amusement park.
Price for renting deck chair is 5 euros per person per day.
Be careful with the fire at the beach because the danger of fire in the park during the summer is high.

Bene beach Bene beach

Kasjuni - another beach on Marjan

Kasjuni is very popular beach among tourists and locals. It is located at the south side of Marjan, few kilometers away from Bene. It is wide pebble beach with large swimming area.
Big advantage for Kasjuni over Bene is that the beach can be reached by car, as well as by local bus number 12.
That also means that prices are higher. Price for sun lounger and umbrella is 20 euros per person per day.
This beach is characterized by the exceptional natural beauty of the landscape and the Marjan forest. There is a rescue service on the beach during the summer months.
There is also a small part of the beach reserved for people with pets.

Kasjuni beach full of people Kasjuni beach full of people

Beach Kasjuni beauty Beach Kasjuni beauty

Beach Kasjuni sunset Beach Kasjuni sunset

Firule beach

Firule is a beach located between Znjan and Bacvice. Like Bacvice, Firule is a sandy beach ideal for picigin. The rescue service is on the beach every day from 1.6 to 30.9. Dogs are not allowed on this beach.
This beach is characterized by a wider choice of parking spaces, which is a significant advantage over Bacvice.

Right next to the beach there is one of the most famous disco clubs in Split: Zenta. Zenta is a place where excellent house music is played. Often guests are world-famous Djs.
It consists of 2 floors. Usually, different type of music is played on each floor, so you can choose the one that you like more. On the first floor, usually there is house music, and on second floor Croatian music is played.
During the day, Zenta works as a beach bar. Prices are reasonable. Eg. the price of coffee is 8 kn, which is approximately 1 eur. The beer (0.3l) will cost you 15 kn, which is approximately 2 euros.

crowded Firule beach crowded Firule beach

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